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Andalucia Publishing

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Historical Fiction

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Book cover art by Hannah Hendren

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Paperback edition

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Born on the Trail of Tears
          Book One: Dream Bud

Kokuma, a tall Watusi teenage girl was captured in 1804 by Arab raiders and taken to the slave market on the island of Zanzibar. From there she was transported across the Atlantic and sold to the owner of Mulberry Grove Plantation in Georgia.  

Vahali, a young Cherokee man, found Kokuma near death on an isolated riverbank. He treated her gunshot wound, then took her back to his village.

She was a runaway slave wanted for murder, barely alive and unable to understand the language of the people around her.

How could she escape and continue her trek to the west and freedom? Until she regained her health she was at the mercy of these strange people.

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The slave ship Marie Séraphique

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