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Coming soon to Andalusia Publishing

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What happens when a couple on an ancient tuna boat encounter a supertanker on a collision course with their disabled craft? Jasmine and Kave shout and frantically wave their arms but there appears to be no one on board the huge ship as it plows directly toward them through the choppy North Atlantic

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Dragonfly vs Monarch, Book Three 

Two military insect-drones collide and crash in the empty quarter of the Safandel Desert. When Autumn and Sasha go to retrieve their tiny aircraft, they disappear into the vast sea of sand. Theodore Breckinridge (Pug) and Rio Lujan join forces to rescue the two young women

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From Karon, sixth planet in Sypan, in the constellation Andromeda

I don’t know who had been captured by whom, but Elba rode with me back to Tupolis on Colyria. 

   The cruiser was too small to have a name, and it was a bit crowded with her lying near my right shoulder, but it was only a thirteen-minute trip.

   The planet Colyria is unique in the star system Krydon. This is composed of the stars Mizar and Alcor, sometimes called Horse and Rider, in Ursa Major, known by amateur astronomers on Earth as The Big Dipper. The two stars, located in the handle of the Dipper, were used by Roman Centurions to test the eyesight of their soldiers. If they could make out the two separate stars, they were given bows and trained in archery.

   This is actually a sextuple star system, with Mizar consisting of four stars and Alcor being a binary system. The combined complex has twenty-eight planets, with only one, Colyria, orbiting through the entire six-star solar system.

   Our planet makes a figure-eight orbit around and between Mizar and Alcor, giving it warm days and cool nights for half its 728-day year. The second half of the year sees tropical days and frigid nights, with the most beautiful multiple sunrises in the universe. 

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